Identity and packaging for an innovative children's product

Lil' Grips logo

Dahdooo makes innovative products for small children and engaged us to design the packaging for their debut product. Lil’ Grips is a set of silicone handles that can slip over any cup, bottle, or juice box. This package needed to communicate exactly what the product is, and how it works in just a few short seconds. Working with a prototype Dahdooo had started, we created a custom die-cut design whereby the product slips over top, giving the effect that the product is on a sippy cup or bottle. Given that the packaging of most baby products is white or pastel, we opted for a darker base color. The O’s on the packaging is a play on the multiple O’s in Dahdooo.

Lil' grips packaging design front and backLil' grips logo and roll-up banner design