Bennys Breakfast Logo on a sign


A modern-retro logo for a 50's-style breakfast diner.

Bennys Breakfast Bar was aiming for a casual, yet upper-scale, modern-retro experience and needed a logo to match. The challenge here was to create a 50’s inspired logo without being cliché. Additionally, it was required that it fit nicely into existing sign hardware as well as compliment existing architectural elements such as chrome on the exterior and interior of the building. The solution is a modern design with a just a bit of 50’s feel. A black, white and red color palette compliments the ‘modern-retro’ interior design plans. The exterior is painted to match the logo which completes the look.

Bennys logo on a windowBennys logo on a coffee mug

The logo has been amazing. I get great compliments about it and I thank you for your amazing work.

- Kevin Young, Bennys Breakfast Bar



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