CSEG logo on a blue background


Revitalizing the brand of a professional organization.

Looking to connect with a younger demographic and reconnect with existing members, the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists needed to revitalize their brand. This project involved identifying CSEG’s core purpose and benefits and repositioning CSEG as an attractive and inviting organization. The new logo plays homage to the previous, by maintaining a maple leaf image as its main element. The dynamic shape of the new logo implies movement, which adds vibrant, energetic and exciting qualities to the expression. The identity has three obvious sections, each with its own colour, to help covey CSEG’s three core aspects: professional, educational and social.

CSEG Logo before and afterCSEG Logo before and afterCSEG Style Guide Cover DesignCSEG Style Guide Inside Spread


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Heather Cleveland Brand Identity
A visual branding & design studio based in the Calgary area.
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