A brand identity concept for a realtor.

custom logo design on photo background

I created this concept for a real estate agent seeking an identity to accurately reflect the brand values of her business. During discovery, we identified these values to be: Integrity, Accuracy, Patience, and Synergy. This identity concept seeks to communicate these values through a visual tone that’s natural, polished, minimalist, and flowing.

The logo is a stylized monogram of an H and C flowing into each other, forming subtle leaf shapes to represent the concept of nature. The logo is balanced, minimalist and aims to portray a sense of precision and refinement. A custom, repeating pattern unites the entire identity and supports the visual tone of the branding. It's a precise, balanced geometric pattern that's also flowing and organic, forming shapes reminiscent of leaves or petals of a flower. This nature theme also carries into the brand imagery, showcasing close-ups of nature, homeowners enjoying their yards, and natural elements within the home.

Badge logo on home imagegeometric pattern dark greygeometric pattern goldgeometric pattern dark bluegeometric pattern rosebusiness card design with rounded cornersHC icon designyour home is your lifestyle text over imagesocial media instagram canva templateshomepage mockupsecondary logo designbrand style guide coverfloral imageleaf image close upwordmark on goldwordmark on dark greyfrosted tree imagebathroom imageword mark on light greywordmark on rosebrand style guide coverbadge logo on light grey backgroundcotton floral imagenatural home kitchen interior

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