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I’m a graphic designer based in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. I help businesses get to the next level through brand identity and custom design services.

I grew up in Saskatchewan, where I developed a love of art as a kid which progressed into attending the Alberta College of Art & Design (now Alberta University of the Arts), where I earned a Bachelor of Design Degree in 2001. After a number of years in the agency world doing branding and design work for clientele from a wide array of industries, I ventured off on my own with aspirations of providing higher value plus a more personable customer experience — something I believe is only achieved through a direct designer-to-client relationship.

Though I have extensive experience in the design industry, I still love my work and am constantly inspired,  learning, and never bored. Aside from the creative aspects, I enjoy working alongside inspired clients, seeing their businesses grow and celebrating in their successes.

In addition to my love of design, I also have a passion for the outdoors. My home in Cochrane Alberta is next to the Canadian Rockies, where I recharge my creative energy hiking with my husband and dog, mountain biking and snowboarding.

Alexandra and her dog Waylon
Alexandra (Harle) MacIsaac & Waylon

Why Brand Identity Design?

I have an affinity for Brand Identity Design because it allows me to apply all of my creative problem-solving skills to make a significant and positive impact on a business. A successful brand identity needs to be comprehensive and consistent across all platforms and I can help my clients with this whole picture—from strategy, to the logo, plus all the other components that a brand identity is comprised of, such as the website, printed materials, signage, etc.



Some of the clients I've had the pleasure of working with include:

Alberta Society of Professional Biologists
Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network
Cana Construction
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists

city of airdrie
Edo Japan
Geologic Systems
Priddis Greens

Stepper Homes
Syngenta Canada
United Way of Calgary
University of calgary

I love design and am constantly exploring.
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