Chin Chin cookie packaging design


Packaging for a West-African cookie snack, new to the Canadian market.

Chin Chin is a common snack in West Africa, being introducing to the North American market. The challenge here was to develop an African-inspired design that will fit into the cookie aisle of any Canadian grocery store. An added challenge was to make a stock, black pouch look like a custom package design. Our approach uses a bold color palette and patterns reminiscent of West African art. To get over the hurdle of the stock pouch, we’ve chosen to use a very large label and incorporated black into the design so it blends well. The square window, which is inspired by the shape of the cookies, also adds a level of customization to an otherwise standard pouch.


Spice Packaging designs
Spice Packaging designs
Eon Water Can Designs
A visual branding & design studio based in the Calgary area.
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