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Packaging design for a premium, sparkling probiotic water.

EON Water Kefir Co. is a beverage company based in the mountain town of Golden, British Columbia. They approached me to collaborate with them on the packaging for their line of sparking probiotic beverages.

This premium product is non-alcoholic, incredibly healthy, deliciously refreshing and infused with actual organic fruit. The resulting design speaks to these pure and simple attributes with a fresh and modern look: clean lines, plenty of whitespace, and a splash of crystalized colour to represent the sparkling flavour profiles.

Alex designed the labels for our canned beverage product – The work turned out stunning. Everything about how Alex handles the design process: from intake and initial discovery interview, through to design and reiteration of design to arrive at the final images, was smooth and easy. Alex intuitively listens to a client and seemingly can pull out their nuanced (and often scattered) details to produce design that hits the mark exactly.

- Markus, EON Water Kefir Co.



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Spice Packaging designs
Spice Packaging designs
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