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Douglas McDonnell Capital

Updating the identity for an evolving business.

For this project, the challenge was to revitalize a brand identity that we had initially crafted over a decade ago. With the business charting a new course and aiming to attract investors, it was essential to give it a fresh and professional image. During this project, the company was in the midst of substantial transformation, with indications pointing towards a shift to becoming an equipment leasing firm catering to clients in the oil and gas industry, although this direction was not definitive. What was definite, however, was the company's commitment to embracing environmentalism as a core focus, so we opted to retain the original tree icon, confident that it aligned seamlessly with the business's evolving direction.

We updated the logo by refining its wordmark component with bolder and more modern fonts. Additionally, we introduced several variations of the logo to ensure flexibility in its usage. The color palette and supporting typography were also updated and expanded, complemented by the creation of a sales deck template and a brand style guide. The outcome is a versatile and modernized brand identity, ready to adapt smoothly to any shifts in the company's direction.

Douglas McDonnell Logo refresh on a dark backgroundDouglas McDonnell letterhead designDougas McDonnell business card designDouglas McDonnel wordmark on mustard yellow backgroundPowerPoint Template Design Brand Style Guide


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