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A brand identity for Western Canada's largest industrial distribution and logistics centre.

The Shepard Logistics Centre is a large-scale industrial rail and trucking distribution site, bordering the City of Calgary and adjacent to CP Rail. This very significant development project required a strong logo, brand identity, and messaging to garner excitement and momentum for the project as it moves through the the RFP process and for presenting and promoting the site to municipalities, potential customers, and key stakeholders.

This land this development sits on has historical and agricultural significance dating decades back to the ranching heritage of the family behind the project. This presented a unique opportunity to create a brand identity for the project that combines the history of the ranch and the history of the CP Rail, two histories that are closely intertwined.

We created a crest-shaped logo with gold tones, drawing inspiration from CP’s historic logos over the past century. The icon also combines symbols to represent the agricultural significance of the land, and it’s future as a rail hub. The overall identity is bold, simple and strong, with heavy use of red to tie into CP. Imagery of rail and agriculture are used throughout to further the concept of two closely tied pasts and futures.

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