Logo design for SCWAN


Logo design for a women's resource group.

The Syngenta Canada Women in Action Network, or SCWAN, is an employee resource group with sights to establish a community of allies across Canada that empowers women to reach their full potential within the company while also reaching out to support women within the greater agricultural industry.

Our goal here was to create a logo that embodies who SCWAN is and what they aspire to be; resonates with its members, and becomes a symbol they can rally around and feel proud of. Our solution to this challenge is a logo that symbolizes the concepts of growth and collaboration. To represent this, we chose to draw inspiration from seeds and flowers, relating to the work of Syngenta. The logo Is purposely dynamic in nature, implying forward momentum – that SCWAN is a positive force for change.

swan logo mocked up on a signscwan logo on a coffee mugswan logo and book club door hanger


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Heather Cleveland Brand Identity
Heather Cleveland Brand Identity
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