Priddis Greens Monogram on a flag


Refreshing the identity for a prestigious Alberta golf course.

We worked with Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club to modernize their identity to appeal to a younger demographic, yet retain enough brand recognition to still resonate with long-standing members, reaffirming their decision to continue to choose Priddis Greens as their club. The new identity communicates their core values of ease, excellence, enjoyment, and connection. It personifies the qualities of integrity, approachability, and fun; while also showcasing the natural beauty of it’s enviable location.

priddis greens logo before and afterPriddis Greens billboard designPriddis Greens business card designPriddis Greens logo on a golfer imagePriddis Greens logo on a ball capPriddis Greens color paletteStyle guide cover


Heather Cleveland Brand Identity
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Heather Cleveland Brand Identity
A visual branding & design studio based in the Calgary area.
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