Shepard Station brochure cover


Brand Identity for a corporate campus development by Cana Construction.

Shepard Station is a corporate campus development and future LRT stop in SE Calgary. The challenge here was to create an iconic identity that pays homage to the land’s agricultural history while also portraying its future as a major suburban development and transportation hub. The solution is an identity that draws its inspiration from Art Deco, an art movement that commonly featured transport as a theme and heavily influenced locomotive design. The logo takes on a bold, geometric shape, representing a head-on view of a train. The white horizontal lines represent accessibility and the color bars represent shelter belts that once divided the historically agricultural lands.

The identity also included a website and brochure, featuring custom maps and infographics to illustrate the accessibility, amenities, and vibrancy of the development.

Shepard Station full logo designShepard Station alternative logo designShepard Station inside brochure spreadShepard Station amenity mapShepard Station Amenity infographicShepard Station Amenity Website


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